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Discover How We Can Help With Your Property Management and Sales Solutions

Feeling overwhelmed about managing your property? We get it. That's why we're here to help. Paradigm Property Management strives to provide our clients hassle-free property management experience. Whether you manage multi-family rentals or a diverse portfolio, you can enjoy owning a property without the headache. 

At Paradigm Property Management, our team is fully equipped to help you get the job done. With an extensive background in construction and a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing multifamily properties, we're committed to helping you achieve real estate success.



Comprehensive Multifamily and Portfolio management

Our team specializes in handling duplexes, apartment complexes, and portfolio properties. We offer tenants top-notch services and support to foster optimal living experiences. This ensures you're provided with stellar management solutions for your rental property.

Dog in the Park

Stringent Pet Screening

Furry friends are often considered part of the family. For many, pets bring peace and comfort. However, our #1 job is to ensure your property is protected. Our stringent pet screening system minimizes the risk of potential damage to your property. While at the same time, allowing renters to live with their pets.

What Sets Paradigm Property Management Apart From the Rest?

We Actually Know Your Name

Professional accounting services that track and deliver accuracy down to the penny, and on demand reports
as well as monthly reporting through our property management software. Know all facets of your rental’s
financial picture at any time, and on a consistent basis with monthly reporting from us.


We're Experienced Professionals

We personally own 50+ units in the markets we manage. We build and invest in these units ourselves and
have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience from doing so. We have also been in property
management and real estate since 2008.

Our Systems and Processes

We have standard operating procedures for everything that drive consistency in everything we do. Our goal is
to have each tenant and owner go through the best possible experience when working with us.


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More About Paradigm Property Management and Our Property Approach


Want to think about these as I am trying to focus on
multifamily and portfolio management. I may need help coming up with these. Also, I
still have not figured out how to highlight what I have already mentioned as well as my
own two communities Nora Lane and Niki Way Townhomes. It is important that these
two communities get a lot of attention on my website but also don’t want to detract
from any other properties I take under management.

This task will be spearhead by me and Roxanne. 


What Are the Benefits of Working With the Paradigm Property Management?


As local rental market experts, we can get your property rented for top dollar. This way, you're certain that you aren't leaving money on the table.


Our efficient systems and processes make tasks such as, rent collection and repairs hassle-free. This ensures you maintain financial consistency.

Peace of Mind

Trying to manage your rental property yourself can be frustrating and in some cases, risky. With Paradigm Property Management your property, you can relax and enjoy life.


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